The flooring industry can be competitive with many flooring companies or businesses trying to retail and install floorings to limited customers.

This necessitates a need to develop your advertising strategies that should revolve around allowing customers to know you offer good quality product and services. Effective advertising techniques do not require monetary investment only, it is very important to put in hard work and consistency in addition to the monetary efforts.

The following techniques can be used in advertising for flooring companies in order to achieve increase in sales:

Wholesale Discounts: When some people wants to change the flooring of their home, they mayinitially plan to change the sitting room’s floor only because of their budget. But when they realize there is a company that offers discount on large purchase, they may change their mind and change the floor of other rooms in their home.

Advertising discounts on products and services will increase the chances to get more customers. Also, offering discount on installation of flooring materials can help to get more customers.

Invest on your Showroom: The show room of the company should be one of the main focus of advertising. Make sure extremely attractive flooring materials are installed in your show room, this will get the attention of customers and make them imagine how the flooring will look like in their various homes. Also, customers will doubt the credibility of companies with ugly show rooms. The installation of your various products in different segments of your show room will make sure that selective customers are also reached.

Make use of an Augmented Reality Flooring App: FloorSwitch is an example of augmented reality application that can be used to get more customers. The effectiveness of augmented reality flooring app on getting more customers has been established.

As a flooring retailer, you can appear on the nearest stockist results of the FloorSwitch flooring app which will send buyers into your shop who already know what floor they want and how it looks in their home. We will then ask them to email us to find out more about your store.

Get Social with your Advertisement: A lot of users are using social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Posting pictures of your products on these social networks will boost the chances of reaching potential customers.

It is also important to link your websites to these social posts and encouraging more people to follow your company’s account on these social networks. You can also get social through advertising on printed banners, fly outs, magazines, newspapers etc. All these will increase the chances of getting more customers.

Professional networking: Interacting with other flooring and construction contracting businesses, construction supply businesses and painting businesses and agents will help to get more customers. Building strong relationship with real estate companies and agent can link customers looking for new flooring material to the company.

The use of effective advertising techniques can assist flooring businesses to get more customers.

The use of an augmented reality application like FloorSwitch can boost the chances to get more customers. Contact us today to find out how FloorSwitch can help your flooring business make more money.