Augmented Reality (AR) is any technology that overlays spatially background information over the user’s view of the real world, providing an extra data while still permitting interaction with the real environment.

Mostly, there are two major ways in which Augmented reality (AR) can be used in the retail industry: They are in-store and the out-of-store approaches. This means Augmented reality can be used both at the store and outside the world to care for customers needs in finding the precise products or services for them.

The main purpose of Augmented reality (AR) is the to make customers or users have better feeling of gauge or measure and let themjudiciouslyevaluate products and services as if they were right in front of them.

This will make the appearance of products and services more appealing to users or potential customers, increasing the tendency of making users purchase a product or request for services.

An Augmented reality flooring app like FloorSwitch can be used to view different types of floor in combination with different style of the room, making floorings more appealing to the user or customer through this process. Thus, Augmented reality flooring application like Floor visualizer makes decision making easier for customers.

However, Augmented reality (AR) can be used in by companies or businesses to save money. For instance, aFlooring company using Augmented reality flooring application like Floor visualizer can save money through the following the following processes:

  1. Dropping Labor Expenses: The use of Augmented reality reduces the cost of showing customers how new flooring ideas in their room will be. Also, the use of Augmented reality flooring application like Floor visualizer reduces the cost employing more people for customer service to explain things for customers, since they can try things out themselves.

  2. Improving Quality: Augmented realitystimulates an improved and faster understanding of shared ideas and knowledge because it offers a three-dimensional experience that leaves little room for misconception. This supports increase in quality by allowing spontaneous and rapid construction layout and installation without relying on instruments. This will also reduce cases of changing orders and work modification.

  3. Reduce work modification: Floor visualizer application saves money by reducing need work modification since customer have seen how things will look like before changing the floor of their house. The new flooring material to be used would have been tried out on the dimension of the room to know if it fits with the aid of the Augmented reality flooring app.

  4. Faster Resolution of Issues: Augmented reality make managers of companies or businesses recognize issues faster and react to them swiftly. Augmented reality flooring app like Floor visualizer, makes managers asses a situation from the worker’s and customer’s point of view. This will make the manager provide comparable capability to work through and resolve issues in real time.

  5. Save Money on Training: Augmented reality can act as a guide for new and existing workers. It is effective and efficient for training of workers step by step and covers more ground than the customary way of training. It reduces the cost of allocating someone to illustrate how things work in the company.