There are many choices of materials or substances that can be used for flooring. But mmostly, five types of materials are used for making floors. The materials are: Laminate, Hardwood, Tiles, Stones and Carpet.

The choice of material for floor covering is determined generally by factors such as cost, endurance, noise insulation, comfort and cleaning effort. All the five basic types of floors have their individual advantages and disadvantages. The type of floor chosen can seriously influence the value of your home for the better.

However, there are important things to note before embarking on the journey of choosing the right type of new floor. The points to note are:

Which type of floor material is perfect for me?

The choice of the flooring for your home depends on your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget. Various flooring types offer a wide array of design choices, so you can find a floor to easily match your taste.

Where the flooring material will be installed can also determine which flooring material will perfect for installation. An augmented reality flooring app like FloorSwitch can be used to determine the perfect floor in such circumstances.

Will the colour fade over time?

Flooring materials like tiles and carpet have more tendency to fade with time unlike wood materials. Wood floors are one of the few flooring options that become more beautiful with age.

Like all natural things that experience change over time, wood floors will experience subtle color changes as they age. Two factors influence color changes in wood floors: sun exposure and the finish that is applied to the floor.An augmented reality flooring app can do the job of predicting the tendency of a particular material to fade. Downloading FloorSwitch can help in this aspect.

How scratch resistant is your floor?

Ceramic tile is very durable and resistant to scratches. Also, laminate does not easily scratch.

Laminate is usually the preferred choice for busy homes with kids and pets. It’s highly durable and designed for worry-free living.

There are several things you can do to minimize scratches from pets on your wood floors. Place scatter rugs at all doors to minimize the amount of dirt and grit being tracked in, especially if your pet likes to dig.

With hardwood, depending on the species and the finish, you may have to take extra care to maintain its appearance.

Cleaning and maintenance

Easy cleaning is usually preferred when choosing a new flooring material. For hardwoods cleaning may require Simple sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floors with the beater bar turned off to remove dirt and sand from between the floor boards.

Cleaning woods immediately after spills with a dry or slightly damp cloth will be helpful in preventing damage to the wood finishes.

FloorSwitch can also help in comparing the cleaning of various type of floor materials.

Choosing the perfect floor material is a very important decision to when a new floor is needed. Augmented reality flooring app like FloorSwitch that allows you to replace your floor with the right new floor can be easily downloaded and is completely free to use.