Augmented reality has been a revolutionary idea for a long time. Fortunately, the technology has become more developed and unified with time.

Augmented Reality is related but different from Virtual Reality. VR is used to create a non-existing environment while AR is used to manipulate an existing physical environment.

The reputation of the technology has been driven by the increasing number of devices and applications becoming available for use by the people.

Augmented reality technology can be used both at the store and outside the store to support customers in finding the appropriate products or services for them, including the flooring industry.

In the flooring industry, Augmented Reality can be very useful in transforming the way customers see and make decisions on floors.

Choosing the perfect floor material is a very vital choice to make when a new floor is needed. An augmented reality flooring app like FloorSwitch that allows you to replace their floor with suitable new floor.

The FloorSwitch App can also be used to design or redesign a room to the user’s fantasy.

FloorSwitch is changing the way people buy floors. People can now modify the design of their room or home to the room or home of their dreams without the need to see samples physically.

Previously, a customer would order a sample of flooring material online. This sample was so small; it was really difficult to imagine how your floor would look after installation.

For instance, imagine holding up a toy car and squinting to see how your new car would look like, you would not be able to fully relate the full features of a real car to such a small toy. You would prefer to test the features of the car by taking it for a test drive.

Would you put a dolls house on the floor to imagine how your new home would look?

However, the method of ordering samples online is how the flooring industry currently show customers how a new flooring material will look like on their rooms or the entire house. This procedure is expensive and this gap between imagination and deliverables cost the industry around £60million a year.

As an alternative, companies should use Augmented reality flooring application like FloorSwitch to make the customers life easier from the comfort of their own home.

FloorSwitch is a revolutionary augmented reality flooring viewer app that allows the customer to replace their entire floor with your product, enabling them to actually see the effect of designing or redesigning their room with a new floor rather than taking a sample of the floor to them. You can then order a sample and find a local stockist through the application.

Consequently, Augmented reality flooring application like FloorSwitch will greatly influence the way customers see flooring through its ability to change the design of their rooms and home virtually.