As a semi-permanent structure, it is clear that not only is renovating flooring a major project, installing a floor is a massive investment in both your time and money. As a result, any mistake made during this process will be a very costly endeavor.

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a new floor; from the choice of material - Luxury Viny Tiles, Wood, Stone, Tiles, Carpet – to the unique design and style choices that will bring your floor to life.

Often the material chosen can impose design restrictions, so the choice of material may not revolve solely around resilience and longevity but also adaptability and customization.

With buyer’s regret being one of the biggest pitfalls for the flooring industry, it is clear to see how a floor visualization tool like FloorSwitch can have a very clear and immediate impact by not only reducing this number, but reversing it.

The FloorSwitch Virtual Flooring Visualization tool allows users to view any choice of flooring (from LVT and carpet right through to Artificial Grass and concrete) within the comfort of their own home without lifting a single tool.

“Our goal is to enrich and simplify users lives when they come to choosing a new floor. When we say to the customer, ‘our app will change the way you see floors’ we really mean it.” Explains Benedict Van Bose, Chief Technical Officer of FloorSwitch.

“I had the same problem visualizing floors when I renovated my kitchen. The samples I had been given were so small it was near impossible to see how the end product would look. That is when I realized there was a clear missing link between sampling and purchasing.”

“FloorSwitch gives you the ability to test drive your floor before making a purchase. In fact, it is not limited to a particular type of floor. You may, perhaps, choose a carpet style and start playing about with the app but a few minutes down the line you could decide that a certain LVT looks amazing on the floor.”

“FloorSwitch opens up a world of flooring from within the comfort of your own home. Now, customers can walk into a shop confident in knowing how the finished product will look, that the shop they walk into actually stocks the product and potentially how much that product should cost.”

Using a flooring visualization tool will ultimately empower users when it comes to making a decision about their floors. As a completely free service with a number of added benefits for the user, it is clear to see why FloorSwitch is building up such a hype within both the Flooring industry and the mobile technology sector.

“We honestly believe that we are going to change the way the World looks at floors. Companies that fail to invest in augmented reality, an area that is growing at an exponential rate, will be left behind in the years to come. For companies, FloorSwitch takes out the major technological hurdle of stepping in to Augmented Reality by offering the technology as a SaaS.