About FloorSwitch

FloorSwitch is an Augmented Reality Floor Visualisation app that is changing the way the world sees floors.

We always thought it was absurd that someone would decide to purchase a floor with such a tiny sample piece, probably less than a 100th of the scale of the finished product.

FloorSwitch is designed for the same reason we test drive cars and look around homes before making a purchase decision. Without experiencing the product in your home, there is no way to make a fully informed purchasing decision.

The result of which is buyers regret, exceptionally high rates of returns and low product recommendations. Not to mention a heap of wasted cash.


  • The most technologically advanced floor detection system in the world.
  • Perfect edge detection thanks to our FloorMagic technology.
  • Hundreds of products from the worlds leading manufacturers.
  • Thousands of pattern variations.
  • See the new floor in your home in real time.
  • Share your images with friends and family for feedback.
  • Locate the nearest stockist of your selected floor.
  • Free samples ordered directly from the app.


63% of users have a higher perceived product quality after viewing a product in Augmented Reality. So having your product listend on an Augmented Reality app is really a no brainer.

The biggest barrier to entry for development of an Augmented Reality app is the cost of technological development and the lack of a solution to clear edge detection. FloorSwitch solves this problem.


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